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I am moving

Hello all,

As of Monday July 26th I will be moving to my new home on My new link will be (yep, it’s long enough). Come over and join me cause we’re about to take over the wedding world, and I’d like to have you along for the ride.



PS That there image is from our last shoot with the wonderful Darren Purcell. It will appear in the Winter 2010 edition of B. It’s marvellously good. Check it out.

Detox: Week One, Day One


So, I’ve started the first of three detoxes today for part of a ‘Bridal Body’ Special in the next issue of B. My two main enemies this week are carbs and dairy, and my friends are fruit & veg, lean meat and water. Not neccessarily in that order. It’s 12pm and so far I’ve had one cup of green tea (a replacement for my regular cappachino and two mounds of sugar) and some melon and grapes. I’ve also managed to force down 500ml of water. I feel nauseous (probably from the weekend of heavy drinking, to be fair), but I’m doing it. So full of good intentions today and spending hours on the WOL Health and Fitness Forum for encouragement!

3 Steps to Perfection

I’ve cracked it. I really, really have. So here I was, wasting my time on lotions and potions, drinking copious amounts of water (bleugh!) and squeezing my face until it bled (well that might be an exaggeration, but at least until it was fairly sore). I have blackheads. Lots of them. They took up lodgings about a year ago on my nose and my chin, and sat there, laughing at me as I tried in vein to evict them with nose strips, facials, sandpaper and even, I’m ashamed to say, my own, horrible fingernails.

I didn’t know what to do.

Who to turn to.

Where to go.

And then, one day I had a bit too much time on my hands (Pamper Sunday I called it), I decided have a hot shower to open my pores and cracked out my new Clarins Gentle Refiner to give it a whirl. This is my fave of the three (the set also includes a gentle exfoliant and gentle peeling cream) cause I just love when I can feel exfoliators working. Trick with this one is not to rub, rather just massage it lightly into your skin. The Gentle Refiner is a rich cream formulated with two types of perfectly spherical microbeads, one exfoliating, the other refining. It lifts off all impurities and dead cells and makes your skin super sparkly and smooth.

Then I took my Boots Blackhead Remover and the Magnifying Mirror I stole from my mom during the week and just went for it. Honest to God I was stunned at what came out of my skin when I pressed the remover to it, stunned and weirdly satisfied.

After about an hour of (careful) prodding and shouting ‘LOOK AT THIS’ at himself. I finished my mini facial off with my current moisturiser obsession; Origins A Perfect World. It smells amazing and is a fab anti-oxidant with White Tea (great for detoxing the skin).

And I’m gorge! Seriously my pores look the best ever (and I’ve had my fair share of facials) and my skin feels a lot smoother than it has done. Overall I’d give my discovery a 10/10!

WeddingsOnline’s hangin on Facebook

Yep, we’ve set one up. Only about three years after the rest of the world. Not to worry aye? No time like the present. Become our fan and we’ll love you forever. And ever….

30 Day Wedding Detox

So, as usual I’ll be challanging myself to something health and fitness-y for the Autumn edition of the magazine. After wading through several of the new diets and fitness regimes on the market at the moment I decided not to do any. Mmm hmm. Noda one. I’m very picky about taking on diets as I’m quite sensitive when it comes to not eating -namely cause I don’t like not eating, it’s really just not for me to be honest. So, that rules out at least 80% of ‘diets’. Also on the fitness side of things, well honestly, I don’t want to cheat on my Powerplate. I love it and we’ll be together soon I’m sure.

Sooooooooooooo, on Sunday I was thinking, as I was holding my head and swearing myself off the vino, What should I challange myself to this month? and wiping my brown and praying for death to come quickly I landed on it: detox. One month…detox…. Wait, a month…. Hmm… Ok, maybe not a month, how about a new detox, for five days a week, for four weeks? Can it be done? SHOULD it be done? I dunno, but I’m doing it anyway.

If you’ve any suggestions on what detoxes I should take on, or have a favourite one yourself. Do tell. Leave me a comment here or email me on

And wish me luck suckas!

Currently obsessed with…

Julie Hewett Lip Lush in Chloe.

I got this earlier this year at the launch of Dylan Bradshaw’s new place on South William Street and like a lot of the lipsticks/glosses I recieve I threw it into my make-up bag and didn’t think about it again. Until this week. The fact is is that Chloe isn’t a winter friendly tone for the face. And that’s why it’s so perfect for the sunny summer months! It’s been a life saver to me and I’ll explain why: I like to emphisise my eyes, it’s a habit more than anything, but I REFUSE to leave the house unless my eyes are lined with black and sinking into my head. Only some mornings I simply don’t have the time to put into it, and that’s where Julie Hewett’s Chloe comes in. A sweep of liner on my top lid, a swash of mascara and top it off with this fab colour -it says fun, young and modern without a ‘look at me’ overtone.

People say if you’ve a pale skin tone you won’t get away with oranges but I just love this colour with my dark hair. It’s modern disney princess stuff. Plus, it’s himself’s favourite look on me so it must be alright?